Housing Bubble 2.0 - The 4 Most Dangerous Words in Real Estate 5 months ago

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Housing Bubble 2.0 News of the Week - Next Video is Here !
Please watch: "Housing Bubble 2.0 - Cali Crash Commences - Better Off Buying - Housing Starts Hurting Again"
What Are the 4 Most Dangerous Words in Real Estate ?

Watch the video and Randy will explain what those words are and how they are used in the constant debate of whether we are in a Housing Bubble.

Discussion topics include:

Zillow Stock Price Reduced by A Quarter.

The Seattle Housing Market Inventory Has Surged.

Housing Sentiment Falls to the Lowest Level in a Year.

Home Flippers Are Fleeing the Market: Volume and Profit @ Lowest Level in 7 Years.

Attom Data Solutions: Q3 Home Equity & Underwater Report.

Robert Shiller Housing Market Comments: He is Saying A Lot.